Marianne and Commander on a ride.

Pinchona Farm near Montgomery, Alabama was established in 1969 by Colonel Howard J. Morris Jr. the founder of Dressage in Alabama and now owned by David and Marianne McLeod.  The moment you arrive at the farm, horses dot the landscape in large open grass pastures on the 132 acre horse preserve.  The beautiful safe and tranquil setting provides horse owners and their best friend a home away from home.  Pinchona is a no drama stress free barn with excellent care provided to your horse.

The gate is always open for boarders during barn hours  8:00 am -5:00 pm.  If you would like to visit for a barn tour, please call 334.281.4546 for an appointment.  Come see what is happening at the farm. See why horses and boarders like it here!

Horses are happy here....

 Montgomery, Alabama's Longest Established Horse Boarding Stable